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Hawthorne Heights Personalized Holiday Card, Mystery Shirt, and Handwritten Lyrics

It’s that time of year for our favorite tradition. Shipping holiday cards to our fans. You guys are the reason that we have officially been a band for 16 years, and we would hug every one of you if we could. And if you come to a show, we will.

This package includes:
One Holiday card personalized and written out to you, signed by the entire band.
One Hawthorne Heights shirt of our choosing in your specified size.
Handwritten lyrics by JT to one HH song of your choosing.

We will also be writing special messages on the Holiday cards as usual, so please include a name in the “NOTES SECTION” at checkout. Also, please include a song in the "NOTES SECTION" for your handwritten lyrics. If no song is specified, JT will pick a song for you.

We chose cards that sparkle and shine, and look like Ohio. From our hearts to yours.

Hawthorne Heights